Sunday, April 22, 2007

Singing Sunday

Today’s song is contributed by my DSH.

This Living Sacrifice song deals with why lots of people can’t get to the next level in their spiritual walk. It talks about the little lies that Satan subtly puts in our minds…we aren’t good enough, we don’t belong, someone else can do it, it’s not my calling. But, by the Authority of God we can break the power of the enemy’s lies and walk in the fullness of everything that God has for us.


I set my self up
I've no one to blame but my
Self pity is useless
I'll not entertain your sickness,
Half truths, deceit, forced in,
Not God, reject
Reject all lies
Rebuke take hold
Intrepid Spirit of God
Rebuke take hold
Authority of God
Reject all lies

Living Sacrifice Reborn (1997)

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The style of music may not be for everyone, but I feel that the Kingdom needs ALL music styles to reach lost souls. For example, before I got saved, I hung out with the “wild” crowd (as some would call it). When I asked Jesus into my life, if there was only Sandi Patty to listen to, my christian walk would have been extremely hard.

To sum up my feelings on this subject I’ll quote Don Fransisco, “Just ‘cuz you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s a sin.” (Freedom to Move)

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Classic MaMa said...

Nice job :) I was looking forward to readin' this ever since I saw your DSH at church the other day. It did not dissapoint. Love you both!