Monday, March 26, 2007

The Favor of God

Yesterday after church, my Dear Sweet Husband (DSH) and I and the kids went to visit Pappys & Nana (DSH's father & mother). We had such a good day visiting them. They are genuinely the most generous people I have ever met!

While we were there, Pappys wanted to take us to see the brand new Walmart that opened near them on March 15th. Let me tell you, having a Walmart or any store, for that matter, is a HUGE deal for them. They live in a part of PA where there is absolutely NOTHING around them except for Amish farms. So like any other good kids we went to check out this Walmart.

We got there and Pappys took the kids to the toy section while DSH and I had a chance to walk around by ourselves. It was an awesome 15 minute date! My DSH and I have just recently painted our bathroom so we were looking for new towels and washcloths to match. We chose the towels and washcloths and went to see if Pappys had survived the toy section.

After we had made the whole rounds of the store and Pappys stopped and talked to just about everyone there, (you know when you are in a small town when you know everyone in Walmart!)it was time to pay.

DSH got out his credit card and paid the bill. Only then did I realize that our hand towels came up the wrong price. Walmart wanted us to pay $3.42 each for a $1.38 hand towel. Well, we calmly walked to customer service to rectify this problem. We were able to show the love of Jesus to the associate working customer service because she was not at all happy. Walmart's policy is that if the rung up price is different from the shelf price, you get the item free if it is less than $3.00 or get $3.00 off of the price. The not happy associate did not believe us. So, she made a price adjustment and charged us the shelf price. We said thanks and went off to find the manager.

We told the manager our situation and she said "Yes, that is the policy." Long story short...we got 2 free hand towels from Walmart yesterday!!!! I know what you are thinking. It was only 2 dollars, that's a lot of trouble for 2 dollars. If you know me at all, you know that I love to get free stuff!

God finds little ways to bless us. I appreciate each and every one!

About a year ago I first found out about Walmart's policy. I stopped in one day for a loaf of bread and was charged the wrong price. I went to customer service and was told of the policy and was handed all of my money. Every few days after that I would go back to Walmart for another loaf of bread. Before they decided to change the shelf price I ended up with over 20 loaves of free bread!!!! That is why I get so excited about free stuff!

I am blessed and highly favored!


Mom In Action said...

20 free loaves of bread!! That is hilarious. Love your site...quite fancy. Welcome to our sick and twisted world.

Thanks for having us tonight!

On Fire For Him said...

I was just informed of this little piece of bloggy news. And not by MIA!
Welcome! I can't wait to read and get to know more of you through the bloggy world!

So, did MIA just announce to the whole congregation that they needed to blog???

In my little world, I am loving it!

Thrills said...

Sorry, it was my big mouth that told OnFire. Welcome to the blog world. I am excited to know more about you like 20 free loaves!! Your site is not plain and simple, you have some fancy stuff going on!