Saturday, March 24, 2007

All About Me

I thought I would start by blog by introducing myself to you...

Here goes:

1. My favorite articles of clothing: cozy socks and my high school Letterman's sweater

2. My favorite food: tacos

3. My least favorite food: mushrooms

4. My favorite colors: purple and green

5. My favorite children's book: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

6. If I could have a super power: I would fly

7. If I had a choice between sushi and a hamburger: I'd pick sushi

8. The last CD I bought: Benjamin Dunn - Under the Influence

9. Some things I want to do before I die:
Go see the Blue Man Group,
Go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra,
Visit Nashville,
Go to Walt Disney World without the kids

10. Some names you will see throughout the blog:
My Oldest Son: Shadow
My Daughter: Girly Girl
My Youngest Son: Bible Bat Boy

That's it for today. Enjoy and may you have a blessed day!


TCC said...

Hey there! I love purple and green too. I love the look of your blog too - very warm and inviting.

Melissa said...

well, well....look at you! I didn't know you started blogging already! Hurray!! I'm going to link to you, kay? I can't wait to read more!