Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April is National Poetry Month

For a school project, Shadow has to recite a poem in front of an audience. I found a couple really cute poems while I was skimming through his books. Moms, these are for you...

I have a Band-Aid on my finger,
One on my knee, and one on my nose,
One on my heel, and two on my shoulder,
Three on my elbow, and nine on my toes.
Two on my wrist, and one on my ankle,
One on my chin, and one on my thigh,
Four on my belly, and five on my bottom,
One on my forehead, and one on my eye.
One on my neck, and in case I might need 'em
I have a box full of thirty five more.
But oh! I do think it's sort of a pity
I don't have a cut or a sore!

Open your mouth and close your eye
And you might get a big surprise.
It might be a cake made with sugar and spice,
It might be two blueberry whipped cream pies,
It might be a basket of crispy french fries,
It might be those muffins your grandmothers buys.
But, wouldn't it be a bit more wise
To close your mouth - and open your eyes?

Both poems are by Shel Silverstein and can be found in Where the Sidewalk Ends

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