Sunday, April 8, 2007

Singing Sunday

I thought I would do a very true fun song for today. So, think about the words while you read. This song always puts my life back in perspective. To Listen to a small clip of it, click here then click on listen #8.

Newsong is one of my favorites groups and in 1997 they released a song called:

Start All Over On Mars

Sometimes I wonder how You could ever love us
We're never satisfied no matter what you do
You send the rain and we complain there's no sunshine
Yet every breath we take is all because of you

Only Heaven knows the pain I've put you through
I don't know what you're thinking Lord
But I know what I would do

I'd start all over on Mars
Create a world that is far away from our ungratefulness.
If I were the God that you are I would be tempted to walk away
Wash my hands of this crazy mess
Make a world that would follow your heart
I'd start all over on Mars.

How often are we ungrateful for the things we have? How often do we want what others have? How often do we complain about the weather? How often do we complain about our situations? How often do we complain about our family?

So, on this Easter Sunday, Let's take some time to think about Everything God does for us and thank Him!

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