Monday, April 30, 2007

I Need Some Advice

I have a seven year old boy (Shadow) who can read very fluently. For example, he can read a 3rd/4th grade chapter book in one day.

My Problem: Whenever I ask or encourage him to read his Bible (it is a kid-friendly version), he goes kicking and screaming to his room to not obey. He says it is too boring for him to read, even when I give him some exciting passages to read. I have also tried reading to him but he doesn't pay attention.

My Question: How can I get him to spend some time with Jesus without turning him away? I in no way want to force him to read. And I would love for his heart to be in it. Anyone have any suggestions???


soaring2low said...

Interesting choice of words: "How can I get him to spend some time with Jesus." You do every day (presumptuous, i know). My mother almost ran me away with references to the Bible and her insistance upon my taking to it as she did. What I have found to be undeniable (and believe me, i've questioned) is the Light of Christ shown through her. Live the Bible daily. When your son asks your inspiration, you'll be delighted to share.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweetie,

First and foremost...pray!!! Only the Holy Spirit can draw a heart and break through the stubborn flesh that Shadow deals with (that we ALL deal with).

Next, how about a designated time each day for each of you to spend some time with Jesus. This could be refered to as a "date" with Jesus. On a date you talk (pray), get to know the other (reading the Bible and listening for His voice), and sing and dance with Him. If you all go into a speparate room to be alone with Jesus at the same time, it will be apparent that it is the most important activity in the life of your family.

After a specified amount of time, say 5-10 minutes (remember kids attention spans are short), you all can gather together and talk about your "date."

Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to be upbeat and excited about what He has shown/taught you.

Don't be dicouraged if this doesn't work immediately. Remember, the Bible says, "Train up a child in the way should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 Training doesn't come fast or easily. It's like excercise... one workout every month will not keep you in shape.

Remember, kids are great discerners!!!! If you have any agitation or discouragement or frustration in you, trust me, they WILL pick it up!!

I struggled with and continue to deal with this same issue. My older son, Consecrated, who is 17, reads on his own. My younger son, Fire, who is 13, still needs reminders.

Lastly, tell the kids what Jesus is doing in your life. For example, tell them how He promised protection...the "blue blanket story." It is mostly through you that they will see how one loves Jesus. Overflow with your affection for Him, as a bride for her bridegroom. This will encourage them to overflow as well.

I love all of you,
Beautiful Grace :)

P.S. Holy Spirit draw Shadow to Jesus. Break through stubborn flesh and let him feel Your love for him. Empower, Plain and Simple, to overflow with love for you. Manage any frustration she may feel and turn it into holy hope and faith. Wrap Your beautiful blue blanket around all of them protecting and keeping them safe in Your arms. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!

Melissa said...

#1 and I have struggled with this before but I found that some interactive devotional/journaling has really helped. When it is relevant she seems more interested in reading. I know they have really great girl themed ones, I can't help you with any boy themes, though! I also keep it short at that age. One or two scriptures for #2 seems to be her limit! And, believe it or not, she really would rather read Bible stories outloud to #3 then to read to herself. Maybe Shadow can "teach" your younger ones by reading the Bible to them.
He's such a great kid...don't be discouraged!

On Fire For Him said...

I thought about this all day, as I read your post earlier this morning and didn't have time to comment.

I realize that EJ is not even 5 yet,but we have been doing lots of things to foster a love of spending time with Jesus.

Here is what we have been learning...

Spending time with Him can be creative. I turn worship music on and break out flags and paper and markers and instruments. We dance, draw, sing, wave banners and praise Him. We also have our bibles available so that we can read them if we want to. At the end, we pray together. The kids enjoy it and I get time with Him!

We also read together. I will read from the kids bible or read bible based books.

We do have scripture memory versuses but I try to do interactive things with those versus.

And the other big one we do is any sort of interactive bible stuff. Such as quiet time can include bible stories on cd or tape. And someone picked up bible computer games for EJ (I think at Ollies in PA).

I guess what I am realizing is that instilling a love for the Word and the Lord can come in LOTS of creative ways. We don't need to limit ourselves or our kids!

Forgive the length. But its been on my mind all day long! Hope this helps.

Plain and Simple said...

Thanks for all your help. I have been seeing little changes in his heart over the last few weeks. I'll let you all know what we decide to do about his quiet time.