Sunday, April 15, 2007

Singing Sunday - Promises

All week I have been debating on what song to post for today. After prayer time last night this song was confirmed. oH mY wORD, this one is for you!

Has the Lord ever promised you something? He has told me that I would again walk more deeply in Spiritual things, but right now my job is to focus on raising my kids in the path that they should go. Before kids, I used to have all kinds of words and visions for people but when I had kids, the Lord had placed that on the back burner for a while. But I didn't even realize it. I thought it was something that I did (not having enough quiet time, not worshiping "right", not praying enough). God, in his perfect way, told me that I am exactly where He wants and needs me to be right at this moment and i will again walk in Spiritual things.

My question for you today is: What promises has God told you? (If you cant find any, look in the Bible, it's filled with them). Post your promise in the comment section, I would love to be encouraged by them.

I have been listening to today's song for the last couple days. It is just an awesome song that talks about God keeping his promises. We are the ones that breaks the promise, not God.

The song is by The Desperation Band, one of my all time favorite worship bands. All of their Cd's are great and i encourage you to get some of them. When I listen to them, I can really feel the presence of God flowing through the music. Their newest Cd is a Live album "New Life Worship My Savior Lives" To hear a sample click here then on #3

All of Your promises won’t let go of me
(All of Your promises won’t let go of me)
I’ve surrendered my life to Your ways
I have learned what it means to obey
Jesus my heart has been changed by You
I am walking the path you have made
I am seeking the truth every day
Jesus my heart has been changed by You
I couldn’t walk away if I tried
‘Cause Your love is better than life
The sun’s shining bright and it just won’t set
‘Cause Your love is alive and it lights my step
My heart is amazed everyday to the next
Your joy overtakes and I can’t forget about it
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh
I can’t forget about it

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Melissa said...

Thank you! You are so faithful...I'm glad to be living life with you, the good, the bad and the in-between!