Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's All In A Name

While I was preparing lunch today this is what I overheard:

Bible Bat Boy: Big old Bully! Liar, liar, pants on fire! You're as big as Jesus Bully!
Shadow: I'm trying to help you. That's why I took the mouse from you.

After a few talking to Jesus minutes, I then heard:

Bible Bat Boy: Shadow, I'm sorry.
Shadow: It's OK, You little Rascal!


Classic MaMa said...

"big as Jesus bully"? That's awesome! That's my little bbb!! He loves me, you know. He told me so. :)

Tracy W said...

S~After about 2 weeks of occasional lurking, I finally figured out who you are :) Unfortunately, I am slow on the uptake, and the pics of your kids didn't really help because they've changed soooo much in 2 years. But good changes - they are all soooooooo cute :)

Glad to see you in the bloggy world. I have enjoyed hearing about your life and reading your "plain and simple" approach to LIFE in Christ. Give a hug to the gang for us and I'll lurk around some more :)

Anonymous said...

Shadow and Bible Bat Boy are the cutest!! What blessings!!!
Beautiful Grace :)