Thursday, April 19, 2007


Bath time & Drying off

Yes, we all took a bath this morning, including Hermie (the bigger one) and Wormie (the smaller one).

Hermie fits quite nicely in our family, he is a go-getter and is not shy at all! When he sees something he wants, he figures out a way to get it.

Wormie (we got him last week) is still trying to feel us out. He is a little shy right now and likes to live the majority of his life in his shell.

As I am typing this, I am thinking of all of the spiritual things about being in and out of your shell. There are lots of different ways I could take, but this is the one I've decided to expand on...

I want to live my life not in a shell of fear and shyness (like Wormie). If God tells me to pray for someone or to give them a word, I do not want to shrink back (like Wormie) and stay safely in my shell. I want to be obedient to God every day of my life.

No, I am not there yet, but I am working on it. I am not quite a Hermie but I am getting closer.

Are you a Hermie or a Wormie?

Hermie was so excited to be getting a bath that he came right out of his shell. Boy were my eyes big when that happened. I was wondering how we were going to get him back in his cage. Thankfully, he went back into his shell when I put it close to his body.

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Tracy W said...

Laughing out loud here in Lansdale - OH MY GOODNESS! We too have entered the world of hermit crab ownership - one tank is full of crabs named after Lion King characters (can't remember them all, there's like 3 or 4) and the other boasts "Blue Thunder" (named after J's pinewood derby car) and Clarabella (S is currently on a kick with "bell" related names!) Sadly, we think Blue Thunder is on his way to Hermit Crab Heaven - he fell out of his shell and hasn't moved since. Love the analogy - am going to share it with the kids when they get home from school. Isn't it cool that God gives us LIFE Lessons in everything when we are open to the moment?! Thanks for sharing this . . .