Monday, May 7, 2007

Who Needs a Pack-n-Play?

Yesterday afternoon Mugs, L-Bug, and Muffin Man came over for a visit. Muffin Man is helping my DSH build a deck some time this summer.

Anyway, the kids could not wait for Mugs to jump with them. I really appreciate her - she is such a GREAT mom! She jumped, and jumped, and jumped. She was thoroughly worn out by the end of the evening.

During their visit, L-Bug got cranky and could have used a nap. We no longer have a Pack-n-play (We went to Lowe's after we moved and it was in our trunk. Since we now have a car instead of a van, we couldn't fit the Pack-n-Play and all of the stuff we bought into our trunk. So we gave it to a young mother that we saw in the Lowe's parking lot).

After much thinking about what we could use for a crib, I put L-Bug in our sled and slid her around on the carpet. Within 3 minutes she was asleep. It was really hysterical!

So...If it's ever nap time and you don't have a crib, try a sled!

Yes, she really is asleep in our sled!

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Krazy Klingers said...

That was such a fun day. Thank you so much for having us over and feeding us and letting us play on your trampoline. I was so sore the next day but it was totally worth it. I love your family!!!!! Oh and the sled... DOES work.