Sunday, May 13, 2007

Singing Sunday

This week's song is one that we have been singing over the last few weeks at church. It is performed by Brian Doerksen. My favorite line is "romancing, pursuing". Just think, the God of the universe is romancing us! That just blows me away. When I think of being romanced, I think of getting flowers, going on dates, etc. Whenever I look outside and see the beautiful creation, I feel romanced by God. Whenever I spend time with Him, I feel romanced by God.

As you go through your day, let God romance you.

Holy God

Holy Holy Holy God
Holy Holy Holy God

Transcendent Adonai

Defending love
Destroying sin
The warrior divine

Holy Holy Holy God
Holy Holy Holy God

From every tribe and tongue

Arising first
The nail scarred Lamb
Salvation’s champion

Holy Holy Holy God
Holy Holy Holy God

Reclaiming to restore

Releasing hearts
Transforming lives
The Lion’s mighty roar

words and music by Brian Doerksen
© 2006 Integrity's Hosanna! Music/ASCAP and Shining Rose Songs (adm by Integrity's Hosanna! Music)/ASCAP

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