Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Other Uses For...

I just wanted to give you some options in case you are having a party and run out of chairs. Or if you can't find your crib and need to put your baby down for a nap, it works well for that too. Here's a good substitute.

You notice which one looks more comfortable? She is a smart girl!


Beautiful Grace said...

Oh my, what cuties!!!

I have pics somewhere with Consecrated sleeping in a washbasket and the kitchen cupboard.

Have a great God-appointed day!!! :)

speakingfreely said...

I find it SO funny that both you and Classic posted laundry basket uses on the same day. BG noted it on CM's comments already, so I figured I'd point it out here also.

What is it about great minds...? :)

Beautiful Grace said...

Something I just noticed. Since I have antiquated dial-up, pictures load slowly. As the pic of Lydia was loading for a brief moment I thought it was you...Isn't it awesome to think that part of YOU is in your wonderful daughter? Genetics is so cool!!