Saturday, July 7, 2007

Orange Juice Milkshake

I found this recipe a while ago from a book I used when making baby food. I have a hard time getting Shadow to drink milk unless it is in this form. Here's the recipe. It reminds me of an Orange Julius.

Orange Juice Milkshake

1 Cup orange juice
1 Cup Milk (higher fat milk work the best)
Put all in a blender and process for 2 minutes or until frothy and blended.


Melissa said...

You throw in some oyster crackers and you've got yourself a real treat there!

Classic MaMa said...

:) Great book. I'm using it right now for all of Bubba's food.

Beautiful Grace said...

Fire doesn't eat much fruit, so I came up with a concoction known to my boys as a "slushy." I blend vanilla yogurt, ripe bananas and frozen strawberries. Fire won't eat any of the ingrediants separately, but in blended form, he chugs them. Go figure!! :)