Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Take on Speeding

Do you speed?

I used to drive really, really fast. I had no regard for the speed limit. I had somewhere to go and did whatever it took to get there. I felt such freedom in driving fast.

Then...God spoke to me. He convicted me of speeding. He asked me this question (or something like it) Why do you feel you can break man's laws? Do you feel you can break My laws? Why then is it okay to break man's laws? Yes, I argued. Yes, I pleaded. It was after all just a small law of man, right? Can you guess who won?

Fast forward a few weeks:

The real test came...I had somewhere to go and was running late. It was supposed to take 20 minutes to get there and I was running 10 minutes late. You do the math. I would not get there on time without speeding. I decided to do what any normal person would do in that situation. I started to speed. That's when I heard that very familiar still small voice.

"What are you doing? I thought we discussed this. Why are you speeding?"
"But Lord, I am running late. I won't get there in time! (said in a whiney voice)."
"Do you trust Me?"
"Yeah, but Lord, I AM LATE!"
"Do you trust ME????"
"I think so?"
"Trust me in this. Drive the speed limit and see if you get there on time."

My natural mind can't comprehend how but I did indeed get to where I was going on time. Ever since then I drive the speed limit. Every time I am late and start to drive fast, I hear, "Do you trust me?"

Even though I sometimes feel like I am driving like a little old grandmother (no offense anyone) when people are constantly flying past me, I still trust Him. I learned my lesson. How are we to show others that we love Jesus if we break man's laws?


Beautiful Grace said...

Awesome insight, dear!

I try really hard to keep to the speed limit, but I have had my fair share of speeding in the past. I have to be careful not to worship too deeply when I'm driving or I tend to go faster or I end up in the wrong place.

I wonder if there is a spiritual lesson in that for me?

The Gang's All Here! said...

That's hilarious: Just before I read this I read an email from my dad detailing all the speed traps from his house to our family's lake home - to warn us of the small town cops and their quotas at the end of the month when we're travelling up!

I share a similar conviction, but The Boss feels nothing remotely similar, so my bigger challenge on trips is to trust the Lord to help me keep my mouth shut and not nag!

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Ok, Ok, great post! Yes I speed, it's really convicting when my kids notice. I have been telling myself I need to slow down, and now I think I should pray about it! I think it's God's way of reminding me that everything in my life needs to slow down!
Thanks for the post! :)