Monday, October 12, 2009

Summer Recap

Where have I been all summer? This about sums it up.

Summer 2009 Happenings:

Lydia starred in a puppet show at the local Library.

We saw this peacock on the road near our house. We were able to watch it for a long time.

Playing with Pap while visiting Nana in the hospital.

Joshua won all those tickets playing one game at Chuck E cheese. He kept getting the Super Bonus.
We found this caterpillar at Pastor Dave's house during the staff picnic. It's a good thing Eric Nehrt wasn't there or he would have had the kids eat it!

Hanging with the Kindall girls.

We took a trip to the Wolfgang Candy Factory in York. The kids were loving the hairnets!

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Beautiful Grace said...

Looks like FUN!!!!

Glad you're back!!!