Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day of School

Our decision to send the kids to Bricks and mortar school was a year long process. I have homeschooled since Evan was 3 years old. At the time of him needing to go to preschool, things were very tight for us financially. I figured there had to be another way so I decided to school him at home. Every year we would pray and ask the Lord what He wanted us to do for that year. We have felt that we were supposed to keep the kids home.

Last year was a really hard year for me as the teacher. I felt overwhelmed and burned out. Evan was in 4th grade. Lydia was in 2nd grade. Joshua was in Kindergarten. I felt throughout the year that I was in a constant battle. Attitudes, fighting, disrespect. I realized partway through the year that I didn't like to homeschool any more. I had no joy in doing it. I started praying and asking the Lord what He wanted for this year.

I told the Lord that I would homeschool again because I want to do what He wants me to do. I also told Him that I would school with a happy heart if that's what He wants for our family. I never got the desire back. I still had no desire to do it after praying for a while. I took that as confirmation about the decision to send them to school.

Thus the decision was made to send Evan and Lydia to the local public school. Since that has happened, we have seen such great changes in the kids. Evan has risen to the occasion. He uses manners. He is respectful. Lydia loves being with other kids. She is such a social butterfly.

We decided to keep Joshua home this year. Originally, we wanted to keep the kids home until they had a good foundation, in faith and in education. Joshua has been doing great since our decision.

I have been doing even better. The atmosphere in the house is totally different. I love not being stressed. I love not having to be the referee anymore.

Walking to the bus stop.

The Lydia's. We had to wake up Lydia Anne to walk with us. She still looks sleepy.

Some of the neighborhood kids.

Getting on the bus.

Still getting on the bus. There are 13 kids who get on the bus at our stop.

Still, getting on the bus.

Lydia and Chloe (a neighbor girl).

School is done. Joshua couldn't wait for them to get home.

Welcome home Lydia!


Trish said...

So glad that it's working out well - what a great confirmation that you made the right decision!

TCC said...

So good to hear. I was just thinking about you and your family this past week. Isn't He so good?!

Beautiful Grace said...

Just as each person has been uniquely designed by God with a special destiny, so each family is unique and has a coporate family destiny. God knows how this is accomplished. He knows how we should school our kids, whether by public, private or home.... You did the right thing Sweetie. As always, I'm proud of you!!!