Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Bomb Chapter 2

by Evan Bingaman
Grade 5, age 10

Chapter 2 - Domination
Jeff sat up in his bed. "Just a dream. Better get ready for school."
After school..."I'm telling you, Edd. It was the strangest dream. I mean, it felt so real."
"Like the man dressed in pink?" Edd asked. Jeff suddenly fell to the floor. "Jeff are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just tripped over a box...A BOX! Edd, this is the box in my dream!"
"Sure, Jeff," Edd said. "Let's open it."
"NO!" Jeff quickly responded. Jeff got up off of the floor. "It may be dangerous, Edd."
"Well, Jeff. That's too bad." Edd picked up he box and opened it. "See just a box of clothes. Boy, did that scare you!"
"Clothes?" Jeff said.
"Yeah, see for yourself" Edd gives the box to Jeff.
"You're right, Edd" Jeff said. "But look at this. One of the shirts says 3 hours to domination."


Emily said...

The suspense is killing me.

Beautiful Grace said...

Oh, no, domination! Hurry up Evan write some more. I have to find out what happens to Jeff and Edd.

You're awesome, Buddy! ;)