Friday, October 23, 2009

Hersheypark Happy

This summer we practically spent the whole summer at Hersheypark. We decided in September of last year that we wanted to do something special for the kids. We don't really go on vacation. We might do a day trip every now and then but have never gone on a real vacation. We decided that we wanted to do something that we could do all summer. $600 later we were the proud owners of 5 Hersheypark season passes. We had so much fun. We would go once a week with the whole family and then just the kids and I would go an additional time during the week and spend the day there.

Evan's highlight was being able to ride the Stormrunner.
Lydia's highlight was swimming.
Joshua's highlight was ZooAmerica.

I have notice through this summer that I am getting old. There were rides that I can no longer go on because of feeling sick. I can't even watch the Carousel anymore!

Lydia & Joshua on the Howler. I couldn't even watch this ride without being sick.

Evan & Alan on the Storm Runner. Evan loved it!

Joshua is a Reese's

Lydia is a Hersheybar

Evan is a Twizzlers.

Lydia on the Scrambler.

The most boring ride - The Frog Hopper. (I like this one!)

Joshua's last year to ride kiddie rides. He liked the dino ride,

Joshua loved watching the animal demonstrations.

Of all the times we have been to Zoo America, the bears were always sleeping. We were amazed the one time we were there and the bear was awake! There was one bear who was sitting in the water. There was a bee who kept flying around his nose. He was really funny when he would bat the bee away. Joshua got a huge kick out of it.

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Trish said...

We didn't go as much this summer as previously, partly because I started having allergy problems, but we still went enough to make it worth it.

If we didn't have the passes, I could NEVER bring myself to pay the entrance fee!