Friday, April 24, 2009


I can't sleep so I thought I would post and update. We got a call about an hour ago from the hospital saying that mom was very upset and wanted to go home. She was breathing very heavily and wheezing. She was refusing to take her meds because she thinks they are hurting her. She keeps trying to get out of bed. I talked with her for awhile and tried to calm her down. I have no idea if she really thougth it was me or not. I asked her if I could pray for her and she told me no because it wouldn't do any good. I did it anyway because the Spirit has more authority than the brain. When I was finished, she was still very upset but a tiny bit calmer.

My dad is taking this episode very hard. He wanted to go right over there but I convinced him that if she sees him, it would probably make the situation worse.

What an emotional roller coaster I am on! It's hard being strong all the time. But, that said, I know that His strength is perfect when my strength is gone.

You know, the saddest part of this whole episode is that she won't remember any part of it when she wakes up tomorrow. In that light I am trying not to let this episode bother me too much but it's hard.

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Classic MaMa said...

We love you so much and are so proud of you for doign this. I know your mom doesn't say it, but you are the best possible daughter she could ever have.

The Lord wanted me to remind you to keep singing while you're there--it changes the atmosphere.