Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey Guys.

The latest on my mom is that she is still on a ventilator. We are waiting for the neuologist to do some testing to see if she has any brain function. We won't know the results of that until at least Thursday/Friday. Her blood sugar is around 300. Normal is 110. This needs to come down. Her organs are not responding to the things the doctors are trying to do to stablize her. Her kidneys are decreasing in function compared to what they were doing on Saturday night. That's not a good thing.

The doctors now think that it was caused by a condition where your heart stops beating and instead it just quivers. They won't know for sure though until they so more tests.

The doctors were saying originally that she was in a coma. Now they are saying she is in shock. The difference being that she has been moving her fingers and opening her eyes. Not on command, but she has been doing that regardless. Some of that might be reflexes rather than brain function. We won't know until we get the results of brain activity tests.

On a good note, her pupils are reacting. Also, the nurse asked her a question and mom answered appropriately. Then earlier today, the neuse asked the same question and mom didn't answer appropriately.

So, it's still up in the air. She is by no means stable and we still have no idea how long she's going to stick around.

Currently my aunt is staying with them. Thankfully, she was visiting from MN when this whole episode happened. She has to leave on Satuday, so I am going down for a while. My dad had Parkinson's and no longer has the cognitive ability to care for himself. He shouldn't be alone. I'm leaving on Wednesday night and fly out early Thusday morning. I'll be there for 12 days unless she dies. Then I'll be back sooner.

The biggest thing that I have been praying for during this situation is that while my mom's brain is out of the picture, I know that her spirit is still alive. I'm asking that Jesus & the Holy Spirit would meet with her and she would have the best, most scared encouter of her life. I would love to see her changed. Even if she dies. I want her to be all that Jesus called her to be. You see, my mom is saved but is VERY religious. Even to the point of being stuck-up (now there's a word that states my age) about it. It often times gets in the way of her seeing who Jesus is. During this time I am longing for her to get a glimps of Jesus. Jesus works in mysterious ways and if this is the only thing that happens out of this situation, then I'm all for it. Please join me in praying for a Jesus encounter.

Here are some prayer needs:
1. I'm a little anxious about what I am going to find when I get there. Pray that I'll have lots of peace. Pray for wisdom for every decision that has to be made.
2. Pray also that I'll have lots of patience when dealing with my dad. Because of the disease he is very slow in everything.
3. Pray for safety while traveling.
4. Pray for Alan while he stays home with the kids. He is a great dad. He'll do fantastic. Pray that there will be NO attitude problems between the siblings. Pray for peaceful rest and sleep for them. Pray that no one will get sick.

I'll keep everyone posted as I get a chance and if anything changes.

Thanks everyone for praying! I love having a huge family!!

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Beautiful Grace said...

Last night I was praying whenever I was aroused enough to be aware. My heart is with you, Sweetie!!! Love, BG