Monday, April 27, 2009

FL Life

You know you are in St. Petersburg, FL (the retirement capital of the world) when you see an older gentleman riding his bike while carrying his potty chair. What I would have given to have my video camera at that moment! At least I had a good laugh!

Here's the latest on mom. She was taken off of oxygen today. That's a great sign. She is still very confused. She was convinced that she lives in my hometown. She didn't believe me when I told her she was in FL. Some of the things she knew yesterday, she had no idea about today. (She had a great day yesterday with very little confusion, etc.) She still doesn't have the best balance when she stands. She will be working with PT for that. Another good thing that happened today was that she had a speech eval and she was taken off of thickened liquids. She isn't too happy that she still has to eat pureed food.

Tomorrow she goes in for a heart catheterization so they can be sure everything is still where it is supposed to be due to her having CPR.

My hopes now that she is starting to get better is that they will discharge her to the rehab facility while I am still down here. That way, I will know her status before coming home.

I have been trying to talk my dad into moving into a retirement facility because he is so far away from family. Those chats are not going well. He understands that I only want them to be somewhere safe and somewhere that they will have medical care at a moments notice, but he doesn't agree with me. He thinks they are fine where they are at. Who knows, maybe they are. Only time will tell.

That's it for now. I'll update again later. Thanks for all of your prayers. I definitely am feeling them.


Trish said...

I don't even think you need the camera - the image in my head right now is quite enough!

So glad that your mom is making progress, despite still being confused.

Beautiful Grace said...

I'm with you, Sweetie!

After His heart said...

It's so good to hear your mom is up and about! Lord, clear up the confusion and bring her to complete healing of all effects of the stroke.

We'll keep praying!