Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey everyone,
I made it safe and sound. My trip was uneventful which I am thankful for.

Upon arriving, I went straight to the hospital to see mom. She got all teary eyed when I walked in the door. She is struggling with confusion and memory loss. When asked what year it is she keeps saying 2006. Something significant must have happened during that year but we can't figure it out. She also thought she was in the town where I grew up. She didn't remember that she was in FL. She keeps trying to get up and leave. When she stands up, she has gait problems but doesn't know that she has trouble walking so she falls. The nursing staff has to restrain her because she was convinced it was time to leave. When we left the hospital tonight at 6, she had a "sitter" (a person employed by the hospital to babysit patients). I felt better about leaving since she was going to be watched.

The nurse went over some of her lab results with me. Her electrolyte were at dangerous levels when this whole thing started. They are thinking that is what caused her heart to stop. Somehow they think she got severely dehydrated.

I met with the cardiologist and was told that her heart is beating normally.

I seems like she does much better in the morning and is much more cognitively with it. As she tires throughout the day, she gets more and more memory loss.

As usual, you guys rock! I'll update more when I get a chance. As for me, I'm going to bed. I am emotionally drained.

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Beautiful Grace said...

Strength beyond measure in the name of Jesus! My heart is with you. Love, Sissy BG.