Monday, November 9, 2009

The Bomb - Chapter 6

by Evan Bingaman
grade 5, age 10

Chapter 6 - Time To Die

"I know, Edd." Jeff said.

"Prank, It's just a prank." Edd said.

"NO, it's not." Jeff said with fear in his voice.

Next day...3:10PM

"I'm going to die!" Jeff called out.

"Don't worry, Jeff." Edd said.

Ding Dong. "I'll get it," Jeff said. He opened the door. Sitting there was a box. A box with a clown mask in it. Jeff picked up the mask. Inside the mask was a bomb. "Oh my GOSH!!!!" Jeff screamed.

A person dressed in black came out of nowhere, grabbed Edd and ran away. "Wait up!" Jeff ran after him sweating. The person got in a plane and took off. "No, No, No!" Jeff moaned.

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