Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Bomb - Chapter 4

by Evan Bingaman
Grade 5, age 10

Chapter 4 - Coil

"Package for you," the UPS man says. Jeff and Edd scream! "What's wrong?"

"Why are you in pink? Edd asks.

"Because it's dress wacky day at UPS. Can you please get your Mom to sign this?"

"I'm coming," Jeff's Mother yells. Jeff's mother walks into the room. "Where do I sign?"

"NO!" Jeff yells. "DON'T SIGN IT!"

"Why not, Jeff?"

"Because it's a bomb!"

"Jeff, stop being silly." Jeff's mother signs for the package. "Jeff, it says it's for you again. See ya," The UPS man walks away. Jeff's mother walks away. Jeff opens the package SLOWLY. Inside is a letter. Jeff opens the letter.

"Wait, how is there a letter inside a package?" Edd asks.

"No return address!"

"What?" Edd asks.

"I said, No return address." Jeff looks at the letter. It reads:

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Beautiful Grace said...

What an imagination! Love you, Buddy!