Sunday, June 17, 2007

Singing Sunday

In the spring, I love to sleep with the windows open. In fact I pretty much have the windows open 24/7 throughout the spring. The other morning, we awoke at 5:15 to the pitter patter of raindrops hitting our trampoline ( that sits right outside our bedroom window). The shower didn't last too long and after, all was not quiet.

I have been noticing over the last few weeks that after the rain, the birds are out in full force singing their hearts away. After the rain shower at 5:15 AM, I was laying in bed pondering this fact.

This is what I felt the Lord was telling me. First of all, the sound of rain itself is very soothing. The sound of rain calms our hearts. And the birds sing so much after the rain because the rain brings refreshing, comfort, and food. Rain brings the worms to the surface of the ground. Rain refreshes dry land. Rain brings insects to flowers. Rain also washes the birds, it takes away the dirt and grime covering them. Spiritual rain does the same things for us. It soothes. It comforts. It refreshes. It brings us food. It cleanses.

Next time it rains, listen for the change in the way the birds sing.

Lord, I ask that you would send Your spiritual rain to refresh our lives. Let it comfort our hearts. Let it refresh our spirits. Let it bring a peace to our hearts. Let it wash away all of the dirt and grime that fills up our lives. Let it clear our minds so we can focus on Your Word.


Beautiful Grace said...

Beautiful, Dear!!! When it's raining, I sleep restfuly...think of the spiritual applications of that.

Thank you for this insight. Let it Rain!!!!

Love you!! :)

TCC said...

I love listening to the birds. Simms is ok with them too...except when they wake him up at 5am!