Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Street

All this week my street is being torn up to replace the curbs and repave the street. Here are some pictures.

My Driveway- we have to park on the street.

One Deep Hole

The team of guys were here all last week too, fixing some spots on the street so they can repave. Girly Girl saw them working and said, "Mom, those guys are working too hard! We need to make them cookies." On Monday, that's exactly what we did. We made them snickerdoodles. Girly Girl wrote an thank you note on each of the bags then she handed each worker a bag of cookies and a soda.

Today I was outside talking to some of the workers and they told me how much they appreciated the cookies and soda. I took the hint and brought them more. Who knows if they ever get treated nice. Who knows if they are appreciated for what they do. I just pray that our act of kindness will plant a seed in their lives for Christ.


TCC said...

That is sooooooooooooooooo cool!

Jim & Natalie said...

Great idea!

Beautiful Grace said...
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Beautiful Grace said...

what a kind servant's heart Girly girl has!!! What a great Mom you are in teaching her the right ways!!! :) Love you guys!!

Aunt MA said...

Those workers probably only hear people complaining about the inconvenience they are causing them. Just Girly Girl saying hi would be enough to make anyones day. Can you imagine how they felt after receiving cookies and a drink. They probably went home to their own families, tried and hot from a long hard day and loved them all just a little more.

Tracy W said...

That's awesome! What a practical, kind way of sharing the Gospel with a stranger. And it was incredible that they expressed their appreciation - what a great experience for you all!