Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom Update

Hi guys, here is the latest on my mom. I have been home since late Tuesday afternoon and am trying to get back int he swing of things. I am really tired. I think all of the nights of getting woken up by the phone and that one all-nighter that I pulled is finally catching up to me.

She had a rough night 2 nights ago. She started hallucinating again. She woke up around 2AM and was convinced there were snakes under her bed. She wanted to sit up in her chair for a while. After some time of her sitting in her chair, she slid herself down in the chair almost to the point of being on the floor. The nursing staff came into the room to lift her back to a sitting position. She freaked. She started kicked them. She started screaming. She threw her water on the one nurse. Security was called and when a very muscular security guard came to the room, she started obeying the nurses and finally settled down. To top that, later on yesterday, she told my uncle (mom's brother, who went to FL to relieve me) that the hospital staff is kidnapping kids, loading them up in a van, taking them to a mountain and disposing of them.

At first, we thought the meds were making her hallucinate. My uncle stayed at the hospital until 9:30 last night so he could talk to the doctor. He asked the doctor if any of the meds could be causing this reaction. The doctor told him absolutely not. It is brain related.

Overall, physically she is doing good. she is weak but that is to be expected with what she has gone through. She has been refusing her breathing treatments (because she is convinced they are poisoned) which causes her to become congested when she lays down. This in turn wakes her up in the middle of the night and then the hallucinations start. Her blood sugar is running consistently high (250 - 350). The doctors reduced one of her meds to see if that could be part of the problem.

She is supposed to be released to rehab today. But it depends on her night last night. I am still waiting to hear how she behaved. Because she is not listed as incompetent, we have no say in the matter of if she goes to rehab or goes home. Personally, I am pushing for rehab. I don't feel like she will be safe at home. Last night when the doctor finally came in the room (at 8:20 PM) he told mom that he is recommending rehab for her. There were 4 family members in the room at that time and each one took turns telling mom that she would be safe there and that she would get her strength back if she went. Finally after 15 minutes of trying to persuade her to go, the doctor asked for her answer. She said that she didn't want to go but if everyone thought it was a good idea, then she guesses that she should. Then she started crying. She wants to go home so bed. I totally understand how she is feeling. If I was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks straight, I would want to go home too.

Please keep praying. Pray that the hallucinations stop. They might even be spiritual related, i don't know. Please pray that she will go to rehab and the transition will be smooth. Pray that my dad has the guts enough to stand up to her and convince her to go. Please pray that her blood sugar will get regulated. Please pray for her short term memory to come back.

Thanks guys, you're great.

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