Thursday, June 11, 2009


I just found out that mulberries are not poisonous. We have 2 trees in our yard and would never let the kids eat the berries because we didn't know if they were edible. It only took 2 years for me to figure out that I could research them online. Duh!

Guess what, they are (edible)! The kids were so excited! They just couldn't wait to try a berry. After we tried them, we realized how good they are. Those berries are really sweet. The only bed part is that they don't have a very long shelf life. Because of that fact, I tried to dehydrate them. Just an FYI, don't ever try that, they were really gross. I don't understand what happened to cause them to taste like cardboard.

We'll stick to the fresh berries. Whenever the kids are wanting a snack, all they do now is get a bowl and go outside to pick berries. I couldn't ask for a healthier snack.

Anyone out there in bloggy world have any recipes using mulberries?


Trish said...

No recipes, but all summer when I was a kid we would go around the neighborhood and pick mulberries. My mom would just put them in a bowl with some water and sugar and set them in the refrigerator for a while. Then she would drain them and we would eat them as is!

Brings back memories. :)

Beautiful Grace said...

I have a memory, but no recipe.

Our neighbor had a mulberry tree which dropped berries on the lawn under it. The problem-my neighbor and I would play tag in bare feet! Each summer my feet were stained purple!

Thanks for the memory!

Phaedra said...

My next door neighbors have a tree, and it leans over the fence and grows entirely in my yard.

When i got my dog Kiki (nick named Monkey) she found the extra ripe berries as soon as they hit the ground.

At this time of year every time I let the dogs outside Kiki runs to below the mulberry tree and eats and eats and eats. I'm proud of her for liking healthy foods and figuring it out on her own.

All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel!

Anonymous said...

Fist of hahahaha for thinking they were poisenous, 2nd off lmao vecause it not only took you 2 years to figure it out, no it took you 20+ years to figure it out.

Trie mulberry pie or cake maybe
the recipies are easily found onl;ine by a simple search
cake is my fav.
as for any of my own personal recipies, my mother has a few but i myself dont have any,
i'd just do a search online for some