Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rainy Day Fun

Here's what we do when it's rainy outside...

Yep, we do the stair slide. You should try it sometime.


Melissa said...

We'll be right over! (I wish!)

Beautiful Grace said...

I used to do that...Now if I'd try, I'd probably be in traction for the next month. I do know it's fun though.

Fire and I made a deluxe tent in his room. That's a fun activity as well. The only drawback is that my dining room chairs are the foundation (we are currently using metal folding chairs) and my couch pillows are the walls. My house looks torn apart, but it's definitly worth the fun. Fire has added a lamp to see in oder to do his school work, a fan 'cause it gets hot in there and all of his books and papers. He even has his electric pencil sharpener in there.

Sliding down stairs and tentmaking...activities our children will remember forever!!

Love you!!!