Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is Anyone Hungry?

Tuesday was the staff picnic for the church. It was held at the senior pastor's (Pastor Dave) house. We all had a great time swimming in the pool, playing games and talking to people we don't usually get a whole lot of time to talk to.

It was a nice calm day, until...

Bible Bat Boy found a grasshopper climbing up the wall of Pastors Dave's house. He came to me and said, "Mom, quick, get me a bug container!" (We have numerous bug containers at home. Bible Bat Boy is my bug fanatic.) I picked up the tongs that were beside the grill (with hot dog and hamburger guts still on it) and tried to help him catch this grasshopper. I certainly did not want to touch it with MY hands. That in itself was a feat. Grasshoppers DO NOT like to be caught. After enlisting some help from a few staff members, we finally caught the grasshopper. Now, where to put it? Sherri had a candle holder sitting on one of the tables so I grabbed that. The grasshopper was safe and happy in the container for all to enjoy.

While Bible Bat Boy was enjoying his catch, he called his brother and sister over to look at it. Shadow loved to watch it climb up the walls of the container. The next thing I knew, I heard Pastor Eric, the missions pastor, say to Shadow, "Hey Shadow, I'll split it with you. You eat half and I'll eat half." I ignored that comment because I thought nothing would come of it. Boy was I wrong.

Pastor Eric stood up, walked to the grill and turned it on. He told Shadow to bring the grasshopper to him. I wasn't sure what to do. Do I let him eat it? Will it hurt him? So I asked Pastor Eric if it was okay to eat. He told me that people eat them as a snack in other countries. Although I didn't particularly like the idea, I was okay with it.

In the process of bringing the grasshopper to the grill, it escaped. It was caught and then it escaped again. And again. I think it knew what was coming.

Pastor Eric finally grabbed it and put it on the grill where it jumped out before the door of the grill was closed. The grasshopper was caught again and this time held firmly in place on the grill. After about 2 minutes cooking time, Pastor Eric removed the catch from the grill and set it out to cool.

When it was cool enough to eat, Pastor Eric broke it in half. He took the head and handed Shadow the body. Shadow just stood there looking at it. "Eat it, Shadow" was cheered on by numerous kids and staff. Pastor Eric went first. His assumption on the taste was..."it tastes like burnt popcorn."

Shadow asked Bible Bat Boy to eat it. He said, "no way!" Shadow asked me to eat it. I said, "NO WAY!!!" (A mom has got to draw the line SOMEWHERE!) Shadow got up the nerve and was ready to put it in his mouth when Pastor Eric said he should take off the wings, "They are a little hard to swallow. They get stuck in you throat." Shadow took the wings off and bit part of the body. I asked him what it tasted like and he said , "nothing, really." Then he started to gag. He spit out what was in his mouth into the nearest trash can. I asked him if he was okay and he said he didn't like the shell.

He then ate the rest of it, even the legs.

Rumor has it at church, that Pastor Eric is telling all the staff that he is going to make a missionary out of Shadow yet.

All this said that if you ever don't know what to make for lunch or dinner, all you need is a yard and a grill.


TCC said...

I would have said "no" too. I bet you Simms would have eaten it.

Classic MaMa said...

I heard this rumor yesterday from that same Pastor Eric. I am now glad that I got to hear the story. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

eeeeeew, ick and all sorts of other gaggy noises coming from the gang's house here! just one more reminder that my calling and anointing is to tables set with real food :)

dr. doolittle, now that's another story entirely! he's gonna end up in some rainforest far, far away from his mommy, i just know it. ha, and i think sending them to school this week is hard . . . (yesterday's post on my blog)

Melissa said...

oh my word

Beautiful Grace said...

Bible Bat Boy may grow up to be an entomologist.

Shadow...well, it was prophesied that he would be an evangelist. Maybe he will travel the world, and when he comes accross eating habits that differ from ours, he'll be one 1/2 a grasshopper ahead. :)

Mama Keller said...

I'm really not surprised by Pastor Eric, or Shadow. He's a dare devil like his Dad.. Miss you guys, glad I don't have to miss all the great stories! You guys are the best! Please tell your DSH I said Rock On!