Friday, August 10, 2007

Free on Friday

Is today Friday already? Where did this week go?????

Here is today's free stuff...

Scotch Bright Toilet Scrubber (you have to print a coupon and send in a rebate form)

Post-It Sight Word cards for kids (as a home school mom, I was really excited about this one)

Free Museum Day - Sept 30, 2007 (admission is free for you and a guest at any participating museums. You must print an admission card).

Kids Toothbrush from Colgate (you have to keep a reading log)

Bausch and Lomb Wear and Care (for contact wearers, like myself)

Have a great day!


The Gang's All Here! said...

Thank you again! I don't know where you get all this stuff, but it's always right up my alley. Hope all is well with the family there - prayed for your mother-in-law several times this week.

Hi to A and gang there.

Classic MaMa said...

Excellent. I printed the toilet cleaner and the museum thingie. What museum are you guys going to?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My sister sent me to this site. I like the free on friday's idea! We're looking into museums in Massachusetts. Hi to gang's all here! Hubby was home to show me how to leave a comment, so maybe I can comment on your blog now!

Beautiful Grace said...

You are Mrs. Thrift. I am blessed to have you as my sister. I love you!!!

And I really love your kids too... :)

Beautiful Grace said...

Oh, I really love my Baby Bro too. :)