Sunday, November 23, 2008

Underwear Update

Here are the results of my week long survey.

The only thing I did to monitor this week was ask them if they changed their underwear.

I just got done folding this week's laundry and found

Bible Bat Boy: 6 pairs
Shadow: 5 pairs

It still seems to me that they should at least have 7 each in the laundry. Hmm, maybe they aren't changing their underwear everyday. At least they weren't wearing each others underwear this time.

And so, the investigation continues.


Livin' Life said...

The scary thing about this is now I am thinking I should investigate into my boys because I have this sinking suspicion they are not changing their under ware every day too. UUHHGG!!

Anonymous said...


Under our observation, we've found that a few pairs don't get changed daily in our home. It's fairly certain that if it's not specifically instructed, it just doesn't happen....

Beautiful Grace said...

Hey, in my house, Fire changes his clothes more than once a day. I have to do soooo much laundry. Strongman asked me to limit my loads to two/day. He doesn't want to overload our drainfield. Off I go to do some laundry!!!!

@pril G said...

Perhaps you need help from a professional investigator. Bubba (from the Classic home) is shaping up to have some real detective skills!