Friday, August 22, 2008

Israel: Day 8, January 12, 2008 Saturday


Our ride to the airport showed up at 7am and we loaded up for the ride to Tel Aviv. This time because of Shabbat, the roads were near empty. We got to the perimeter of the airport and were stopped at a checkpoint where soldiers with their rifles looked into the van, went through our passports and asked each of us questions.

We got into the airport and got in line to get checked in. I was pulled aside for questioning. Talk about being nervous. They asked me what I was doing, where I was going, who I talked to, where I went, etc. Tom Spinks also got questioned. Our answers must have matched because we didn't have any trouble after that. It seemed it was harder to get out of Israel then coming in.

We had lunch / breakfast in the airport center and then boarded our plane for the long ride home. This time, our flight went out over Europe and almost up to Iceland and Greenland. 12 hours later we were coming back into Newark. Customs was very easy to get through, our ride met us as we came out of the baggage area, and we were soon on our way back to the church and home.

It was an incredible trip and adventure. I believe more was accomplished than we knew about or could see – maybe someday we will know what happened in the heavenlies from the worship times. It was quite an honor to minister to the Lord in a place that is very special to Him. We came a long way to do that and I think He was blessed and honored by that. Amazingly, we got to look out at Mount Zion and the city of Jerusalem while we worshiped. We got to walk in some places where Jesus and the disciples walked and encountered the physical evidence that lines up with the scriptures. Joining with other believers, we prayed and interceded for the Jewish people, the peace of Jerusalem, for the Lord to come, for all the nations of the earth, for President Bush, and for our families and friends back home. We were so fortunate to have Gingi guide us around and to find a good friend in a faraway place. At the Shabbat dinner, we were made aware of ancient traditions and made other new friends and had some really good bread! Quite a life changing trip, it was. Sometime in the future, I plan to go back.

The Tele Viv Airport on a sabbath. Empty!


Frosty windows.

Beautiful view.

The Son was shining on us!

What did you say the temp was? -67*F????????????

Our flight plan.

And again.

We still had over 7 HOURS TO GO !!!!

I was so bored, I was taking pictures of anything.

Clouds and ocean.

Notice the frost on the windows? It sure was cold up there.

Beautiful reflection of the sun. May we always reflect the SON.

I was so bored. I started experimenting with my camera. I really don't think this picture came out too bad considering I took it myself.

Above the Clouds.

Isn't Jesus awesome? He created a beautiful world.

Clouds and Egypt.

More clouds and more Egypt.

Beautiful sky.

Approaching land. Notice the different colors of land?

Inside of the plane from my seat.

Coming into Newark.

Almost home. I couldn't wait to stand up!


Beautiful Grace said...

Dear Sissy, Thank you for finishing your Israel saga for us!! I am thrilled that you had the awesome experience of not only visiting Israel, but worshipping Jesus there. AWESOME!!! Love you!!! BG

Anonymous said...

These are really some great pictures... :)

Thanks for posting all you did regarding your Isreal trip...I so enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures. :)