Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fight Like a Girl

I know I am supposed to be taking a break, but I found this and just had to share.

Lisa Bevere is one of my absolutely favorite speakers. I have seen her multiple times and am always challenged. This week and next she is being featured on Believer's Voice of Victory's daily TV show.

Check it out if you get a chance.

What does it look like to be a powerful, purposeful christian woman?

When God helps you face your fears, you become fearless.

Daughter of God… you are woven into a God’s beautiful story. You are set apart and your life tells a story.

Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:16 NIV)

But what story do you want to tell? Mother, what legacy would you leave behind for your children? Beloved, what is your love story? My children have something more in them. I catch it in the faraway glimpses of their eyes. I hear its voice in the music that moves them. I want my life to speak to them in a way they can understand. Love alone crosses all boundaries of time.

Though we cannot determine how our stories begin, we are very much a part of how they will end. Never doubt, there is a wrestling match taking place for how your tale will close. More often than not, happy endings come only after there has been a battle waged with evil. In our world, very little good happens without some sort of fight. Each and every day could be likened to a page. We are the writers who craft the stories with our words and choices. This is but one of the reasons why stories speak so powerfully to us.

When Jesus walked the earth as a man, He was a master story teller. He packaged timeless messages in word pictures. He used parables, natural law, and real-life experiences to teach His audiences about His Father’s kingdom. He wanted the truth to be heard within the framework of living, progressive pictures. He took the abstract and made it tangible and embraceable in the everyday.

We could almost say stories are the original form of movies, because as plots develop, we find our minds moving from one scene to the next. We do not merely hear or read stories; we see them as only we can. In the secret places of our hearts and minds, they take form. Within the framework of our imaginations, characters are cast with whom only we can identify. They move freely and fill in the blanks as the story unfolds.

So what about your story? Before the most exciting parts of your story can be realized, you must first discover your role. I am afraid far too often a true casting never happens. We float through life, hoping someone else will tell us what parts we are to play. There is great potential for danger when we make others responsible for our happiness. God is the ultimate storyteller who wants to reveal His love story in you. He has written your role and scripted the desires of your heart.

Pause and Ponder: What story have you been living? Or more importantly, whose story have you been living? Have you been allowing others to dictate your life’s story or are you allowing God to dictate His grand story for your life?
Remember that the end of your story is not yet written. Even now you are crafting your tale with your words and choices. The world is watching to see which story you will be apart of.

This article is derived from Lisa’s Fight Like a Girl Message


Melissa said...

Thanks for this....I struggle with trying to "re-invent" myself thinking I should be more like this or more like that. I don't always know what "role" I am playing and that is frustrating!

I have to remember that there is always a battle being waged, but we know Who always wins!

Beautiful Grace said...

Lisa Bevere is a great writer. She has the gift of reading places within us, and then expresses the findings in ways that help us to sort through ourselves.

Great post!!! Thanks!!!